Why the hell would you want to stay in to eat?

16 Nov

For the wonderful 7 years we’ve been together, my special man friend, Denny, and myself have been food whores.

Yes, it’s hard to admit.  We’re a special type of food whore; the type that eats out at least once a day, if not two or three meals out a day, and then a quick americano here and there, and oh, what about a special treat latte before practice because I’m wiped out sort of food whore.

Why the change?  Eating out is glorious, no?  It’s wonderful and tasty and an entire experience.  But Denny and I have worn out our welcome here.  Our bank accounts hurt on a regular basis, we get tired of the faces that servers paste on when they hate their job, the bowing and scraping people feel the need to do when we just want a meal and don’t want to be treated like we’re special.  We’re not special, we’re just lazy and enjoy good food.  We’d rather go out drinking with the servers than be put on a pedestal.

So for 30 days, we’re going to cook EVERY meal in.  We talked about going once a week and eating out, but it’s a quick downward spiral and we go for expensive meals when we do that.  Cold turkey, if that’s all we have, and enjoying each others company while we do it. The goal is to make those meals healthy, with minimal amounts of meat on night I cook, and trying to keep a lot of animal products out of those meals as well.  If we use meat or animal products, they’ll be as “green” and humane as we can afford/find.

Challenges?  Tons.  Denny and I are super busy.  I play roller derby and practice 3-6 times a week, depending on the week and how I’m feeling.  My job is 20 miles away and takes an hour to get home from after work.  Denny takes public transportation and has a job that sizzles his brain for about 2 hours everyday after work and helps with derby events.  Both of us are getting back on track with working out everyday, sometimes after derby practice even.  We stay up too late dicking around, resulting in tired, lazy creatures the next day that sleep in too late and want to grab a quick coffee and Duffeyroll on the way to work instead of spending the same amount of time at home to eat a bowl of cereal and making a cup of french pressed coffee while we’re eating.  We love spending time with our friends when we get a chance, eliminating yet another time slot usually for cooking.

For inspiration, I’m thinking the documentary Forks vs. Knives post practice tonight.  I’ve heard it’s absolutely wonderful, and we’ll need some motivation to jump on the less animal product bandwagon.

Each day, we’ll post what we’ve had, and if it’s something awesome, we’ll post the recipe and a picture.  Keep us on track, friends.  We need some help to break a bad habit. Invite yourselves over for dinner, brunch, whatever. We’re happy to have you, especially if it involves cooking.



One Response to “Why the hell would you want to stay in to eat?”

  1. sunny November 16, 2011 at 10:57 am #

    that is soooo great. i need to do this too. i spend way too much money eating out.

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