Day 1: So Not As Hip as Denny’s Post

17 Nov

You’ll have to wait for the pure entertainment that is Denny. Sorry, readers. Let the spousal blog war begin.

So we decided that our Day 1 wasn’t really day 1. We had Duffeyroll that morning, so our first chicken burrito dinner was on a regular day, not a challenge day. So Day 1 food:

Breakfast: An absolutely intriguing cereal. Yup. Frosted mini wheats with almond milk. And coffee. Lots of coffee. Pretty exciting, right?

Lunch consisted of grabbing whatever we could find in the fridge since we had no planning down whatsoever. I also ate a ton of doritos and nutty bars at work that my boss had. And Mountain Dew, dubbed “The Drink of Desperation” by my office staff and always on hand for those moments you feel like killing yourself. Great.

Dinner: Was awesome, except I was starving because I started the rice too late and it took forever. Seitan skewers in a citrus herb chimichurri sauce. Talk about tang. Even using half fresh and half bottled lemon and lime juice, I’m glad my lips were appropriately coated in Burt’s Bees to protect them from the acid bomb I dropped on them. We had to modify since we left our grill in Durango when we moved to Denver and have been using our landlord’s at other places. So seitan on the foreman grill in the kitchen.

It really would have been amazing with a little bit of charcoal on it. The picture is pretty gnar gnar. A fluorescent green because of the amount of parsley and cilantro in it, and our rice was a blend of wild, brown, and quinoa, making it purple. But tasty nonetheless, paired with our current favorite milk stout from left hand that is a bottled stout with nitro. Mmmmm.

Plenty of leftover so we split it for lunch for the true Day 2.

No real challenges for the day. Just waiting for dinner…forever. But beer really helps with that.



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