Day 2: Lead Us Not Into Temptation

18 Nov

Do not, I repeat, do not, buy coconut milk creamer with hazelnut flavoring. While it magically transported Denny to Hawaii with every sip of his coffee, surf guitar free of charge, it resulted in a wasted cup of coffee and numb mouth for me. Weird weird flavor. I really like coconut, and don’t mind coconut milk, but something about this went horribly wrong for me and the combo of hazelnut and liquid coconut was gag worthy. I ended up going to the grocery store on the way to work, picking up snacks to avoid yesterday’s Dorito and Nutty Buddy binge from repeating, and getting Starbucks Via so I could have iced coffee at work.

Starbucks Via: Undetermined, but leaning towards “I’ll drink this out of sheer desperation because my office is a boiler room and hot coffee would be a death wish.” Coffee should not look like a cinnamon sugar mix that you might put on toast. Or leave a layer of sugar a millimeter thick on the bottom of your mug. I’m not a Starbucks fan to begin with, but it’s tricky in my work area to find anything non-chain and this was the only pre-made coffee drink available. On the corner of Tower and Colfax, it’s strip mall central. I’ll be picking up some iced coffee drinks in cans next Safeway run.

Also, snack run was, as Borat might say, great success. It kept me out of the Doritos and Nutty Buddy’s and into the Goldfish crackers and Milanos. That’s better, right? I do love my Little Debbie desserts though. Little Debbie, forever, Wetmore. Hostess can suck it. That’s right, I said it. And you have to wait until this is posted to see, read, and argue.

Lunches: leftover seitan and rice. Super tangy and delicious after marinating all night. I’m all, yeah! We can do this! We rock at this!

And then 3pm hit at the office. I’ve been building a friendship with a gal who works for another part of the company, seems totally rad, and wanted to go do something with after work. Bar time. Happy Hour. Bar food. We agreed to meet at 5:30 at a bar near the Tech Center after I grabbed Denny.

Proceed to 5pm, Denny sitting down in the car, and me informing him we’re headed straight to the bar. He put on saucer eyes and asked if that was a good idea. No, of course not. We’re both starving, per usual, right after work. We’re pros at this. This is part of our eating out problem. We’re both so hungry after getting out of the office, and my hour long car ride that we head straight to take out to avoid the wrath of Hangry, Road-Raged Megalops, who is probably your worst nightmare if you’ve never met her. And I’d already looked at the menu for the bar we were going to. Not recommended, just FYI. You start making deals with the devil to be able to eat out.

This is where problems are going to rear their ugly little heads. We are hectic, unplanned outing types. We end up staying out longer than we think, drinking, carousing, whatever, and need a quick bite to keep our stomachs in line. There’s a bout tomorrow night and I’ll be at the warehouse from 3pm-9pm. With a food truck in the parking lot and baked goods for sale. In order to avoid it, we’ll have to make something banging that sways us away from that food truck. PBJ sandwiches aren’t going to cut it.

So we were glad for our readers feedback. There was a Vitamin Cottage/Natural Grocers on the corner by the bar. Prepped food. Done. We ate two giant Udi’s sandwiches. Yes, it cost about as much as going to Subway, but it kept us from eating at the bar, which would have cost way more, and it was our once a week, reader approved act of desperation. Totally unimpressive food, but maybe that’s a good thing to keep us from using it more often.

And the drinking commenced, guilt free, uber fail avoided.


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