Denver, Your Grocery Stores Suck

1 Dec

Lemon Garlic Fava Beans with Crimini Mushrooms.  Eat it.  Here’s the link so it’s so easy you could keel over from, well, ease.

This is seriously some of the most delicious shit we’ve eaten all week.  Everything was really meaty, without any meat at all, and one helping was super filling.  We used a quinoa rice blend instead of straight wild rice.  I also don’t recommend a Foreman grill for tempeh, but that’s what we have to work with after forgetting, shame of shames, our grill in Durango.  I had a friend recommend Isa Chandra’s recipes, so when I stumbled onto the Post Punk Kitchen site, and noticed her name on the recipes, figured it was worth a shot.  And so glad we did, despite having to go to two grocery stores for the ingredients simply because tempeh is apparently a specialty item.

I went to a grocery store I knew had tempeh, and figured, hey, they have weird shit, so they likely have everything I need, right?  Nope.  Got my tempeh, but could I find crimini mushrooms?  No.  I couldn’t even find regular old white button mushrooms, so back over to King Soopers I went.

Denver, your grocery stores suck.   I grew up here, and my parents took care of the cooking, so I never noticed growing up, but criminy.  Rinky-dink Durango can kick your ass any day over quality and availability of ingredients, unless you’re Korean.  Then you’re screwed, like my favorite derby villain, Kim Jen ‘Illin, who has to coerce some poor soul into carrying ox tail in a cooler for her down to Durango whenever they visit Denver and can hit up the Asian supermarkets.  I thought it was outrageous once when I had to visit 3 grocery stores in Durango for lemongrass, but really, Denver?  I need to go to a specialty store for tempeh?   I hate to say it, but when my pocketbook can afford it, Whole Foods is the way to go, period.  Bulk items, good produce, and those pesky non-meat things that are usually buried in the egg section of King Soopers, laying flat, and near expiration.

I particularly enjoyed that when I did manage to find some vegetarian sausage for the biscuits and gravy last weekend, it had egg whites in it.  All of it.  The store had one brand of vegetarian meats, which uses egg whites, hence negating my entire trip to the store to get sausage our vegan friend could eat the next morning.  Thanks, King Soopers.  Thanks.

This particular friend and I agree on this point of grocery store failure here in the Denver area.  She’s from Michigan.  MICHIGAN, people, and her grocery stores were still better there.  Denver is supposed to be a diverse city, right?  I call to end the segregation of foods!  Bring in the vegan sausage, the strange cuts of meat for the Koreans, the kaffir lime leaves! Let’s make our grocery stores a better place, one food at a time.



3 Responses to “Denver, Your Grocery Stores Suck”

  1. Cat A. Combs December 5, 2011 at 9:58 am #

    Have you tried asking the store to bring it in? My mom used to do that all time when I was a kid, before tempeh was big. They usually got all her weird requests in pretty quickly.

  2. Blitz December 7, 2011 at 1:57 pm #

    LOL Michigan’s grocery stores kick Denver’s ass. I think it’s totally a crime that morningstar uses egg whites in everything. Not just a crime but a dirty little trick. I love Isa, btw, basically everything I’ve made that you’ve eaten has been one of her recipes (chickpea flour in French toast? yep, that was her). Post Punk Kitchen is super rad, but the real gold is in Veganomicon (and there’s good shit in her other books, Vegan with a Vengeance, Vegan Brunch, Vegan Cookies take over your cookie jar, etc), but Veganomicon is basically the bible. I saw her speak at Vegan Mania in 2010 and she’s a total genius. In fact, I’ve heard that she’s finally perfected a vegan omelette.

  3. Kim Jen Illin' December 7, 2011 at 10:37 pm #

    ah ha ha ha – yes oxtail (among other strange cuts o meat, acorn jelly, kim chee, and sesame leaves) in a cooler all the way from denver!!! go lops! fun blog.

    ah hah ahahahahhahahahahahhahaha (evil laugh).

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