Back to the Cooking? I Guess?

5 Dec

So we’re on the downside of this challenge.  It’s Day 18, and we’ve been kicking ass and taking names.  Thank you to our friends who check in with us, make sure we’re behaving, and encourage us by making incredible risotto and chicken while getting drunk with us(and introducing us to grilled romaine!).  We’ve hosted brunches, potlucks, and been invited for dinner.  And I have to say, it’s pretty great.  I really like hanging out in homes rather than restaurants.  I love having our friends visit our house, give us their feedback on the color swatches in our primed kitchen and bathroom, explaining our dog’s neurotic behavior and being introduced to theirs when we visit.  I haven’t even minded the obscene number of dishes we’ve done.

This is the perfect time to be doing this.  Having a few weeks off from derby totally allows us to share time in the kitchen together, which makes it so much easier.  But it makes it easier for me to grasp doing this when I don’t have derby practice, and getting up a little earlier to eat before scrimmages on Sunday.

Denny had more gift cards, and when it’s dumping snow, coffee starts its little manaical chant in the back of both our brains.  We’ve been to coffee shops twice in the past two days, but it’s all been gift card purchases, and both times, we were gleeful on the way there.  I may or may not have felt like Denny was cheating on me due to his response at first sip, but I’ll forgive him if I did.

What I’m starting to take away from this boils down to enjoyment from moderation.

That’s right, America.  Moderation.  That crazy concept that other countries seem to grasp and thrive with.  I will savor going to restaurants on occasion with friends, for food instead of just company, or a quick bite on days that we’re just too busy or something unexpected pops up.  Coffee shops will be the treats they were when I started enjoying coffee, going from the speed driven drink demon that I have been to a coffee-sipping vagrant.

As cheesy as it sounds, I think I’m starting to like, if not love, eating in.


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